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KOOFA Initiative (24H)

Embark on your Facilitation Journey in Seoul With KOOFA INITIATIVE - An International Certified Facilitation Training

Venue KOOFA Forest Hall (7th floor, Areumdaun Building, 9, Teheran-ro 22-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea)
Expert Trainer Giewook Richard Koo (CPF)
Expected Number 25
Information +82 010-9565-8019 (Boris Ondo)
Dates 현재는 신청할 수 없는 강의입니다.
Training Schedule 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM (8 hours * 3 days)
Training Fees (₩)
General(Individual) Fees ₩2,000,000
Benefits of the first launch ₩1,500,000
Benefit for attendees at the briefing session ₩1,275,000
Korean Initiative Graduates ₩1,125,000
Korean Initiative Graduates' Recommendation ₩1,275,000
Group Offer (3 people Minimum) ₩1,275,000
Non-profit Organizations ₩1,275,000

▶ If you wish to take an extra day after the Initiative program to explore the beautiful and dynamic city of Seoul can invest and extra 100 USD to apply for the Cultural Tour when applying for the program.
▶ Non-profit : This applies to cases where the digit in the identification card is one of 80, 82, 83, and 89.
▶ If you wish to retake the training, please contact us one-on-one. For groups of 15 or more, please call in advance.
Inquiries : +82 010-9565-8019 (Boris Ondo) / info@koofa.kr

Training Introduction



Expert Facilitation Team

View [Expert Facilitation Team]

Lead Facilitator

Giewook Richard Koo

Organization Development Expert 

Founder & CEO at KOO Facilitation Group [KOOFA]


Boris Ondo

Member of the International Association of Facilitation [IAF],

& KOO Facilitation Group [KOOFA] Global TFT Manager

Bo-Young Han

Certified Facilitator

& Lead Consultant at KOO Facilitator Group [KOOFA]

Gordon Dudley

Founder & CEO at RDI

KOOFA Open Education Refund Policy

If you are expected to be unable to attend, please refer to the instructions below and request a refund.

1. Prior To The Training 

     1.1 If notified 1 day prior to the beginning of training: Full refund of paid tuition

     1.2 In case of non-participation without notice (No-show): non-refundable. Participation to the training can be postponed only once

            - Based on standard time at 00:00 / Non-business hours (09:00-18:00) notification

               E-mail (info@koofa.kr) notification request

            - Applicable when the contract is canceled or terminated due to reasons attributable to the consumer

2. After Beginning of The Training: non-refundable

Closing Policy

Class cancellations and date adjustments may be made in the following circumstances: 

In case of cancellation, the amount paid will be refunded in full.

1) Less than 8 people who have completed registration 5 days before the start of training

2) National disaster situations due to infectious diseases and natural disasters

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